4 Tips That Will Keep You On The Road

Self drive African safaris allow for complete freedom to explore at your own leisurely pace. Once you have contacted your African agent and/or specialist and have crafted a well planned itinerary, with accommodation and lodging booked and paid for in advance, selected and booked your vehicle of choice it’s time to consider how to stay on the road once you’re in country Taipei Self-Driving Gharry.

Four tips that will keep you on the road: There is a possibility you may be inexperienced for these new environments you are driving, and even experienced drivers sometimes encounter problems or obstacles along the way, like getting stuck, swamped, or overheated.

Self drive African safaris Tip #1: Driving through mud.

Keep going and never stop. I know what you’re thinking, and yes this is complete common sense, however you’d be surprised by how many people stop! Namibia’s environment is ideal for muddy situations, particularly during the rainy season (Nov-May). Stay cautious of recent rains and loose soil.

Tip #2: Driving through sand.

It’s hard to avoid sand when the country is sandwiched between the Namib and Kalahari deserts. Just like driving through mud, keep going and never stop. If you find yourself stopping in deep sand you may be stuck for several hours trying to dig yourself out. A self drive African safari gone wrong!

To avoid this, it is best to deflate your tires until you can see a distinct bulge beginning to form around the tire walls. Only do this if you have a way to re-inflate the same tires once getting back onto more solid ground. Most rental companies will provide you with a pump. Your agent should arrange for this.

Tip #3: Driving over rocks.

It is best to have scouts outside of the vehicle guiding the driver to ensure clearance, eliminating damage to your vehicle. Tire pressure should be high and your speeds should be slow.

Tip #4: Driver through rivers.

Crossing rivers on a self drive African safari is a very real possibility, especially during the rainy season. In fact, many roads have no bridges and vehicles are forced to ford the river (or choose an alternative route). Take extreme caution when crossing rivers. You should first stop, get out of your vehicle and assess the situation.

Remember there are hippos and crocodiles that may be lurking beneath the surface!

How fast is the current? If the water is moving quickly don’t risk having your vehicle swept away. When all is assessed drive at a slow steady rate in a low gear, and make sure your self drive African safari vehicle is equipped with a ‘snorkel’ (the air intake has to be above water to avoid drowning your engine). If you don’t feel comfortable crossing rivers in your vehicle, then don’t do it.

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