Tips about Kids Golf Lessons and Encouragement

Every sport has its future depends on the next generation and this is why whether it comes to interest articulation, guidance, support, or encouragement, you must put in every effort to help your kid put their best foot forward. Golf is a popular game that is being played worldwide. So, it is common that your kids can have an interest in this sport and if they have you must embrace it and enroll them in golf coaching.

But as the sigma rule goes for kids, no child is equal, and every child has talent and abilities and learning speed. For that, coaching kids for golf are tricky if you try to bombard them with techniques, swings, patterns, etc. They can easily lose excitement just like in any game. So, it is important to create a fun space for any kid to allow them to take interest in golf or any game. However, encouraging your kid towards learning golf can be a lifetime gift for them, so if you know your kid likes to golf or may take an interest here are a few kid’s golf learning tips that can help you.

Kids Take up on Parents:

The first and foremost thing to do for kids to have a learning scope and interest in golf is to introduce them to the game in a way of their interest. You can put up a show on TV like the WPGA Melbourne tournament, PGA Tour, Australian Open, LPGA Tour, etc. on weekend or in your spare time.

  • However, do not compel your kid to watch the entire match with you or so.
  • Show them your enthusiasm, interest, and excitement about the game.
  • If you play golf, take your kid along on a practice day, let them help you fetch a golf club, ask for their opinion after a swing shot, etc. It will increase their interest.
  • You can also ask them if they want to try a shot for themselves or wait until they ask, and do not forget to applaud after they strike even the most negligible shots.
  • You can also take them to watch real matches of kids golf or practice sessions of others too.
  • Take it Slow:

Even though it’s common to have a lot of expectations and expect that your kid will be a fine player within a few months. But wait, take a breath, and understand it’s only a young, playful, inquisitive, and sensitive mind out there. Pushing too much or building a pool of expectations in front of a kid is the most common reason for aversion. So, be careful not to stress and let them take their own time to progress.

  • Understanding Equipment:

If you are not a player yourself, it might be difficult to understand the sport-related equipment and teach your kid by yourself but still, it is important. A golf player needs to play with golf clubs that are mostly quite long, robust, and heavy to give a tough hit to a ball. But when a kid is playing kids golf, these factors can just be the biggest hurdle for him. Also, managing a stiff, and heavy golf club which is again way longer than their height can flatten his swing curves, which leads to the force is negligible. Again, a slow-swinging kid often must take a lot of tough time to gain the right momentum and trajectory. These problems need an expert trainer and coach who can guide a kid on how to overcome these challenges and play through them.

  • Own Club:

Owning equipment, yourself comes with added interest, fun, and even a sense of encouragement. Buy your kid their own kid’s golf set of clubs, which they can use. Let them seek guidance from their trainer, and do not forget to involve your child in the buying process. The fun and sense of excitement will also be exhibited in their game.

  • Make them Your Teacher:

Well, kids love playing the part of teacher or parents, commanding, teaching, and being the boss. Well, even in golf when they are learning, praise their gameplay and ask them to teach a swing or anything and this can be the most encouraging way to push children to fetch after their potential without putting stress.


Therefore, if you think your kid already has a keen interest in the game or has potential, look out for kids golf coaching around you and ensure that the trainer is friendly and can articulate interest for golf in your child.

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